Our Adventure

Future_Home_To help us achieve our vision of “Embracing, Enlightening, Empowering Our World,” the membership of Unity of Fort Myers approved the building of a new church home in 2007.

On January 8, 2012, we launched our exciting 12-week capital campaign, Our Adventure. It culminated with a big celebration on commitment Sunday, March 25, 2012. We were thrilled that we received commitments that exceeded our goal of $1.5 million. Since that time, additional commitments totaling $160,664 have been received bringing the total commitment for Our Legacy of Love to $1,687,817.

In May of 2013 we had an additional commitment for the installation of a sprinkler system for our new church home. Depending upon county requirements, this represents a gift of $40,000 to $100,000. This is an example of how Spirit works in unusual ways to provide resources for our new church home.

First Goal Met In 9 Months!
Funds from our member pledges continue to come in each month. Our first goal was to retire our mortgage within the first year. Pledges received during 2012 enabled us to pay off our mortgage in January and become debt free.

So As We Receive — We Give!
In keeping with our Unity principle of giving, each quarter we are tithing 10 percent of the contributions received to help non-profit organizations within our local area, the United States and beyond.

Our tithes for 4th quarter 2015 were $6,643. Recipients for these tithes were: Bootstrap Ministries, Unity of Melbourne, Gladiolus Food Pantry, Love and Light Ministry, Valerie’s House, and A.C.T. Our tithes for 1st Quarter 2016 have not yet been determined.

Building Journey – Future Direction!
At our Annual Meeting, the congregation was informed that we had recently received revised estimates to build the current design of our new church home. At our request, the architect and general contractor provided a new design that is more in line with our budget. The new design would exclude the bookstore and offices. Both of these could be added at a later date. At a Special Voter’s Meeting in April, it was unanimously decided to proceed with building our new church home based on the revised design. The voters also approved allowing the Board to acquire a mortgage of up to $500,000 to finance construction.

Legacy_of_Love_Logo_-_Teal_Background_2_New Mini-Adventure Begins
While the revised building plan was more in line with our budget, we encountered unexpected site preparation costs, and with a return of the building market, an increase in materials and cost of construction. It was determined that we would need additional commitments of $600,000.

To meet this need, a MiniAdventure campaign was created that focused on a twoyear pledge period. Our Commitment Sunday for the Mini-Adventure was held on February 22, 2015. We received just over $535,000 toward our goal of $600,000. We subsequently received additional commitments of approximately $33,587. Additional commitments were pledged and by November 22, 2015 our goal of $600,000 was met.

A ground breaking ceremony was held on Sunday, July 12, 2015. It was a wonderful celebration of our faith and commitment to this Legacy of Love. Over the past nine months there has been a lot of activity on our church grounds that culminated in the completion of our new church home. Piles of fill dirt were hauled in, the footings and foundation were poured, block walls went up, and the roof was installed.

Work was also completed on our new parking lots. Beautiful landscaping has transformed the front of our property as well as areas to the side and back. Our vision was to not only keep the current natural beauty of our lake and surrounding 10 acres, but to add even more lush foliage, plants, and trees. A new sprinkler system (that was pledged in May 2013) was installed to help maintain our grounds.

Our first service in the new sanctuary was held on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016 to a joyful and over flowing crowd — all 400 seats were filled. Our official dedication ceremony was held on Sunday, April 3, after the 10 a.m. service. A light luncheon was served followed by a special celebration time with lively music by our own talented musicians as well as two guest musicians. Stories and memories were shared by Jim and many of our Unity congregation.

Even though our new church home is finished, the need continues for contributions to our Adventure Fund. A mortgage was obtained to take care of the remaining building costs. As contributions continue to be made, those funds will be directed toward paying down the mortgage. Any donations to help with this effort are greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to check out frequently asked questions and watch Our Adventure unfold on Facebook and on our YouTube Channel. For even more information, read our booklet and FAQ About Our Contributions.

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