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Rev. Jim Rosemergy

Rev. Jim Rosemergy

By Jim Rosemergy

Several years ago, the idea for “The Question” came in prayer and meditation. These thoughts moved through my mind. Your congregation has the mind of the Christ. Why don’t you access this wisdom? It is true. Sitting in front of me each Sunday morning are thousands of years of collective human experience and spiritual insights.

This meditative encounter with Spirit caused me to pose my own questions. How can I access the wisdom? What will I do with the wisdom when I receive it?

I decided that I would ask the members and friends of Unity of Fort Myers to allow me to interview them and to ask “The Question.”

In 2012, the subject of “The Question” was happiness. A report was created and is posted here. In addition, a Sunday-morning lesson series consisting of two lessons was presented.

“The Question” for 2013 explored forgiveness. The report here summarizes the congregation’s insights about forgiveness.

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