Unity Works @ Work

The mission of Unity Works @ Work is to create stronger connections, provide support, and share expertise among everyone in our community, both working and retired, by employing spiritual principles in our work, business and relationships with others.

faith and businessThe purpose and vision of Unity Works @ Work meetings is to provide a forum for:

  • business professionals and entrepreneurs to network and share their unique skills, talents and expertise while offering their products and services;
  • anyone who has a request for a service, introduction, new perspective or support;
  • all members of our spiritual community (actively working or retired) to thrive by applying Unity Spiritual Principles in all their interactions with others.


We meet the second Thursday of every month, 5:30-7 p.m.

Guest speakers share the benefits of applying Unity Spiritual Principles in business and in working with others.

The purpose of Unity Works @ Work Directory is to provide:

  • a current resource guide for products and services provided by our members;
  • contact information for anyone choosing to make their information available to our community.

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