Women of UniTea

teaA Higher Tea® Circle

Women of UniTea is a sacred circle of women learning from each other and growing together. We emerged from a common bond and a deep impulse to discover more about ourselves in the company of wise women.

We meet monthly for tea and refreshments, inspiration, fellowship, and fun on the third Saturday of the month from October through May. Our delightful gatherings nourish the body, mind, heart, and soul.

Our Higher Purpose
Enlighten and empower women to embrace and express their divine Essence.

Our Benefits or “eSSence”
Women who actively participate in our Higher Tea Circle will enjoy:

  • Self-Awareness – discover more about self, find balance and live authentically.
  • Spiritual Awakening – realize greater awareness and develop a deeper connection with God
  • Self-Improvement – increase knowledge and develop new skills
  • Social Interaction – bond with women of like mind
  • Supportive Relationships – uplift each other through challenging times
  • Service to Community – assist women of the church and community
  • Singularity of Purpose – work together for a common goal


For more information about Women of UniTea and how you can get involved, contact us, or check our Calendar for information about this month’s meeting.

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